Experiment’s Diary – Being JOY-LIGHT-LOVE – Inelia’s experiment

Bucharest, Romania
Day 1.
So, I started, not like I would have wanted to, but… The hour being already decided and having some friends and students invited to join with“ the hour of the experiment”, I had no choice! Sounds pretty important, isn’t it? Joking! But, it is pretty important indeed. Imagine this energy being water. The ocean. Currents -human emanated intentions- start circling through the water. They sometimes meet, a sudden big wave coming out of this, like a happy dolphin jumpin out of the water, into the air, into the sky. But what would happen if all these currents would join into coherence, into a certain resonance phenomenon, into a perfect harmony? Imagine millions of people stop worrying, judging, suffering for one hour, the same hour. Being their true essence, being the love, reconnecting with their own self, true self, the only self…
Let’s get back to the meditation. No more imagination. (really?…)
I needed a bit more time for cleansing cause I had a telephone conversation right before the “time”, with an ill person. It ended 2 min before. Short time to switch from a state to a slightly different another state. So, the first minutes of meditation were dedicated to myself and the joy-light-love intention. Breath after breath, layer after layer of thought processing, of emotions, dissolved into the radiation of joy-light-love. After I “reached” the common realm of this intention, the energy grid of this project, I saw Inelia in deep, deep meditation. Naturally, of course, she is the center of this experiment, the one connecting so many around the globe.
I perceived Inelia’s energy and started to see/ feel some of the connections in this already created grid. A man looking a bit like Miten, Deva Premal’s partner, another one looking like David – from the forum – few other women from South American continent, pale images, but all these images seemed to appear as an evidence (if I needed one! But I don’t!). Then I saw few American ladies, probably located somewhere in the middle of the continent or towards the south (maybe St. Louis). But was surprised not “seeing” my friends and people that confirmed to participate at this hour with me! I had to think of them, and then I felt them, and we gathered together in a beautiful energy grid which was building up, in the form of a circle of alive light. Turned off my mind again, being more relaxed this time, to the state of being joy-light-love, not before asking this energy to work for the benefit of all human beings and of our own country and the whole earth. Maybe I had another 10 min. or so of just being, when I started perceiving an energy calling for help. 20 secs later, my mobile, even on silent mode, but vibration sounded while receiving a text message. I almost knew who was from, and I could hardly went back into no-thinking mode. Yet, something was too “loud” calling and… I had to get out, checked the phone, the guy had another panic attack and went to hospital. Had to call him. For today my meditation lasted only 30 minutes.
Well, tomorrow is another day!
Love to ALL!
p.s. oh, and I forgot to add something. To me joy is a level of consciousness, a high one, it is a way of being. So, for the mind,it’s almost like a stairway to heaven. To the heaven of love.
“Smile, cause life is beautiful that way!”
Day 2.
Couldn’t start it on time. Yet, the energy was already there, at the right time, even if I still had other things to do when the time came. Kept a bit of attention on that beautiful energy, and continued and hurried up to finish what I was doing. (Multitasking is my secret favorite game!)
When sat down for meditation, I felt a kind of cloudy realm. But as I didn’t have too much time for the mind’s questions, skipped the “why” one and went into “to be the being” mode. At the beginning I still had few “claws” trying to drag me out, part from the physical body, part from the astral energy, the general-collective field. “Press ignore”. Beyond this physicality, the transformation of the body into energy, or “the being” as energy – joy/light/love included, went good for about 20 min.
Maybe quality is more important.. but i hope to manage somehow to have THAT hour the following days.
Love to ALL!
Day 3Today I’ve managed to meditate for 45 min! There were different levels, realms and frequencies. My body reacted in different ways too. At the end of meditation body was very light, no tension at all, no pain, a feeling of childish disposition – ready to play, to experience new things of life.
What was special: after the first 20 min or so, I perceived an energy (entity) on my right. It seemed feminine,warm, pleasant. Asked what-who was that. I saw 2 strands of crystals, not regular pieces of crystals lining down on these 2 strings. vertical, parallel. Pieces were of different size and form too. Nice, joyful, and surprised about my ability to see them, this was the feeling-thought I had. They looked like a symbol, a representation of something else. A kind of blueprint. They might have been able to produce sounds too, I got this impression, but also not necessarily having the desire to communicate more with me. I have accepted this, and moved forward, bringing back my attention to the being and radiating joy-light-love, beyond perceptions-thoughts-brain-body.
I think these moments of just being love, while a sitting down meditation are too much interrupted. It might be the idea of being responsible for my commitment to this experiment causing these breaks, these reconnecting with attention and observing modes. It might be the triggering subtle switch that makes me exit the state of unity, of non-differentiation. Hmmm, I will give a thought to this.
Love to ALL!

Day 4
I apologize for being late with yesterday’s diary. Incredible many things I have to do this week! why so many now, i don’t know. Universe is testing my strength, endurance, speed, ability for multitasking, belief and so on…So, the fourth day experiment went on while driving. five minutes before the hour, i felt energy on the top of my head, so … i was reminded. Drove this way for about half an hour. (Maybe I should add here this is not a good advice! ) And I couldn’t stop the smile on my face. When I arrived home I had to talk, to bring stuff in… well, i guess I was not able to keep the light mode more.That’s it for yesterday.

Day 5.
Last night was weird. It might have been so because I really had too much to think, do, work for the past days. But I could not fall asleep, even if I wanted to, having the feeling that something was floating in a negative away above us. Today I received some calls or emails and some of my friends couldn’t do the meditation for various reasons. Well… I couldn’t do it either! Hm! Not even a reminding thought or energy touched me at that hour, I was caught into things, and tired, I know I was, but… Sorry! Today I was not consciously connecting at the time I chose. I did think about people, did send my love but in the first part of the morning. So, I will try to straighten up my “error” now, after I finish writing this post. And I hope to have time and read all the posts in here, hopefully on Sunday!

Love to ALL! Cause love we are, love-light-joy-beauty! An exquisite piece of Art, all and each of one!


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