What is spiritual evolution needed for?

Personal script, the script of our own life, is written using our acquired language, our personal, fine language. The matrix of thinking, the mind matrix of each individual, or the individual mental map is fed, influenced and strengthened/empowered by the matrix of collective thinking and the matrix of the natural and social environment. Under the direct influence of the environment we form, we create our way of thinking, our personality, character, gestures, and even our look. The collective script of humanity depends on each and every individual script.  It also depends on each change an individual might make. The fine controllers of such scripts (the story of each individual), are super capable of instant switching, of making any needed change in order to match the moment of  decision precisely/exactly.  The multi-wires each individual is connected into this world by cannot blow, nor explode, unless  a controller like this were “ill”, malfunctioning. Which is an exception. An extraordinary and temporary exception.

Our thoughts are not quite our own (and not all of them). Our thoughts started to form as a collection of received information. Billions of pieces of information are passing through our so-called personal field, billions of thoughts and ideas produced inthe great surrounding environment. Our personal field, like the famous Russian doll, is included inthe field of family environment, which is included in the field of social environment, which is included in the field of national-cultural environment, which is included in the field of continental environment, which is included in the field of planetary environment, the environment fo the solar system, the galactic environment and so on. Everything seems to be “in” – inside of a larger than itself field-container.

“In” and “out” seem to be two distinctive processes, connected by a gap, a place of silence, a place of absence of movement.

It depends on the perspective we have and on what we want to observe: an unfolding process towards “out there”, or an unfolding process towards “in here”.

The pattern of unfolding into an “out there”, an external unfolding towards the macrocosmic dimension is just the same with the internal unfolding, but in reverse,.  The process of self-knowing seems to be an inner unfolding. The direction goes towards an interior, towards the microscopic field. Yet, there is no “inner” so completely isolated that it would have no connection, that it would receive no information from an “outer” place. Every “inner” definitely stands for the existence of an “outer”.

The way a very small seed grows into a big tree, the very small human egg, which is the size of a grain of sand, once fecundated by a spermatozoon, turns into a huge body, the human body. If single DNA cell strands were lined and stretched, they would be about 2 meters long. If we put together all the cells that contain DNA and we stretched all these wires, full of information and possibilities, they would be about 200 billions of kilometers long, a thousand times the distance from the Earth to the Sun! So much information contained in 200 trillions of cells in our body! So… we should be able to overcome this distance easily!

We don’t succeed in consciously selecting all information that crosses our mind and body. Neither are we aware of what we contain, nor are we aware of what we are intersecting with every “nano-moment”. We are not even able to protect ourselves from the information contained in our environment. We think and hope we can control the environment, but that is only an illusion. The only way we can get closer to creating a selective system is to set a goal for ourselves, to build it as a life purpose and a way of living, the goal being: to discover the Essence.  The quest for Essence! This is the path to God, to knowing, the path towards the understanding of the primordial energy which is to be found in absolutely every thing that exists. That energy gives life, sustains life, carries information, combines information. It is the energy that feeds the apparently separated elements needed for expression, no matter the kind of expression, material or alive, an expression through which Life is crossing while unfolding. The energy through which Life is enriching itself, builds forms, contexts and substances. That energy is the Free Energy, the universal energy, the divine, primordial energy that we are all seeking. It is the truth of Life and the truth of our lives.

Being into the core of the essence we might not be aware of the separated particles, nor of the existence and functioning of the infinite connections between all things that do appear into he realm of manifestation. However, we are able to know what is beyond reason and common mental processes. Being into the core of the essence we don’t need too many dissections on the bodies of the words. What is known, what is understood, what is experienced is complete, complex and simple, unbounded or unlimited by words, yet it contains all the words.

Words are tools that regulate reality. They paint, design and attract all the energy needed in order to build or fulfill a desire, a goal. Who or what manipulates such tools? Who is the handler?

We keep learning the same words our parents learned from their parents, using the same tools, slightly changed by generations. We add more words but the basic ones remain there, in our brain since birth. Behind each word there is a subtle and secret link to the essence. By learning how to get there, behind the words, by learning the language of energy, we start to really understand why this new trend has been going on lately, the co-creators theory.

The human nervous system has yet to evolve to the level necessary so it can produce conscious connections inside the field of essences, in the field of creation and manifestation. Then humans will no longer be able to complain about a god, a fate or slavery anymore. There are humans that succeeded in proving such abilities, they allowed themselves a  transformation that rose them up from human to Human. Some of them might be the ones ruling over others, the ones that have the power. Others might be just the opposite.

In fact, the language is the one that should evolve so that a different script may be written. Also some parts and areas of the brain should bare certain “des-insect-ions”, “dis-rust-yin-g” [“yin” is the dark force opposing yang, in traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine]. The many precious metals in our brain have been covered in rust. Without stimulation, certain areas of our brain and of our entire nervous system have been dormant, or covered by the veils of sleep. But through meditation and praying and, furthermore, through recent technologies, they can now be awakened. It depends on what we choose to be: humans or robots. The story of the Sleeping Beauty tells us we need love, courage, belief and bravery in order to awake the beauty that we are.

Activation of the main chakras is such an operation of unveiling, of moving the veils away, the thin fabric woven by frequencies and information that maintained a certain set of beliefs ruling our experience. After such activation we start to see the Truth we couldn’t really see through the thick fabric of the sack wrapped around our heads. Some of the readers might argue saying that even this sack is an illusion, and I too agree, but let’s remember about the general level, which is still low, that level where this illusion creates pain and suffering.

Through a spiritual practice, a consistent one, these types of connections, neural patterns, the functioning of the nervous system that produces thoughts, situations, experiences, realities start to change subtly and gradually. Through daily spiritual practice another type of intelligence becomes active, and this is how those very famous abilities are awakened. Authentic yogis and sadhu have been proving the extraordinary possibilities of the human body for thousands of years. And not only yogis, but monks and priests of various religions, people who searched for The Truth No Matter What, dedicating their life to Life or to God! They went far beyond dogma, beyond any authority, they crossed any limitations of terrestrial love, the one based on “science”, on what they’ve been taught it is, they gave themselves entirely, offered their “I” to that totality which is comprising them, which is living them and all around them. This was their script! They are not too many but their number is increasing as we speak.

The common programming language of human reality has to evolve, to overcome and go beyond the “zero” and “one”, the good and bad poles. It has to reach a more complex form than the good or bad polarity. Good and bad are words defining our temporarily understanding about something or someone. As time goes by, we see so many examples of things that were very good in certain times (like smoking, for example) and very bad in other times. It’s just a matter of perspective and imposed interests.

In order to make this change, education is needed, a different school is needed, but most of all Inspiration is needed! To be inspired is to be connected with the totality, with the universal knowledge, with the Whole containing everything. Reconnection with the Free-Universal-Energy, our Source, is facilitated by the activation of the main chakras. And this is one of the keys for an authentic spiritual evolution.

Any new software is explaining itself based on a previous existing program. The new program started from the goal of going beyond the limits noticed in the previous program and thus continues to go further. But still, it is based on the previous knowledge! This is why it would be very difficult for a pianist to build a microprocessor unless he was previously taught, given information about electronics. If you lay down all the needed parts and tools in front of a pianist, it might not be quite impossible for him to build a microprocessor. The musician has the ability to connect into the field of all information and this ability is very much trained and developed in all the brains that studied music, classical music. This is the way they brought cerebral hemispheres into a balance and harmony without knowing, without being aware that they are doing this good thing for their body. This is why I do recommend to all parents to offer this possibility to their children – to study piano at least till the age of 12. Piano in particular helps children to develop all types of intelligence. Practicing and studying piano enhances their capacity to memorize, observe and it enhances complex mental processing. Detailed analysis and synthesis are processes that belong to a high level of reasoning, which kids would easily develop when learning a musical sheet, when interpreting a work of Bach, for instance.

And, furthermore, through the simple exposure of human being to the very high spiritual level of classical music, the personal frequencies, the resonance floor on which they exist is subtly changing. It is not by chance that out there, in the world, there are more and more children wishing to study and play classical music. They feel attracted to learn and play classical music. And there are also lots of very talented young children! It’s quite an explosive phenomenon. They are increasing the humanity’s level of consciousness through their own frequency, through their activity, through their simple existence today. Among them there are children diagnosed with autism. Many such children came here, in this world, only to help in changing its frequencies, to help in raising the level of human consciousness-vibration-manifestation.

I still haven’t come out of shock after I read this article: http://www.infowars.com/euthanasia-for-children-nears-approval-by-belgian-parliament/

I don’t even want to think about the spiritual level of these people.

At planetary level and as species we need the “wisening up” of the body, the process through which the body becomes wise, not only intelligent, as it is already. We need the change of our resonance levels, of the frequencies which we are emitting. Thus, gradually, the environment, the world, interplanetary and cosmic relationships will change too.

No matter how we would refine our receiving system, our reception and processing system, while we are still “in the world”, we are in the way of the winds that blow here. Not only does the brain receive information via the 5 physical senses, but the whole body does, too, through the breathing process itself. We also receive information through the chakras, significant antennas and processors of the information contained in the local and universal energy. The planetary energy is directly received through our soles and through the lower chakras. The electromagnetic field of the Earth automatically influences the functioning of the human body. Changes in electromagnetic field affect all kinds of processes in the nervous system, processes which are bound to each other, interconnected, affecting not only our balance, but also our memory and emotional state.

The currents climbing up into the spine are “exploding” their information into the medulla oblongata, an area which coordinates the breathing function, the heartbeat, blood circulation, the transfer of information between various areas of the brain and the spinal cord, thus influencing the body’s coordination of movement, including walking. The more we manage to move away from the realms of consciousness and manifestation of the lower chakras’, the more we succeed in “floating” over the violence and aggressiveness, beyond the desires of possession and control which this gravitational force of attraction manifests through the human bodies.

There are many examples (scattered all over the world and its times) of people who unlocked the ability to float above the ground, to control the sticking qualities of attraction manifested by gravitational force of the planet. This is tying up man to the dust he has been made of, making the human being a slave to its own natural habitat. But what is going on between the planet and its inhabitants is not really a war. Tough, in a subtle way, both parts are trying to control and conquer each other. We should not hold on to this type of thinking, the war-type thinking, if we really want to go further. Because if we keep seeing opposition or opposites in everything, then we haven’t understood one simple lesson from the teachings of Jesus Christ, the magnificent and yet simple teachings He left us, just like Buddha did, as well. We praise them, we are considering ourselves believers, followers but we are not really applying these simple teachings they have left behind into our experience.

If we still “re-act”, we act again, we act the same with the one that slapped us, then we are merely perpetuating fight into this primitive, dual world. But if we turn the other cheek, we offer a chance for a relief, a chance to free the tension accumulated into the other, we help him/her to discharge the negative potential retained into his/her system. So we do a good deed, manifesting love, understanding, compassion, kindness and wisdom. Afterwards, we can take care and heal our hurt cheeks, which may heal even faster than we think. Of course, when it comes to associate the cheek with dignity, it is a completely different story. For a person (or country) like that, that connects dignity and the slap in the face, it is very, very difficult to apply teachings of love, compassion and kindness. This cannot be applied in a world that is still a Moses-type world, governed by a history of wars made in the name, for the name of God or in the name of beliefs.

Getting out of this matrix is not an easy thing. Untying unnecessary patterns of conscious and subconscious thinking requires huge attention, work, and an authentic spiritual work. Commitment, responsibility, discipline and seriousness, and placing this spiritual evolution goal on the first place in our priorities list can bring faster results. But all of these become simply useless words unless we do accept the principle of love and compassion, and make it the very axis mundi of our experience.

An authentic spiritual evolution starts not only from questions or desires, from intention and will, but from becoming aware of the true need: to live in love, with love and for love. The rest can lead only to a big joke, to a hoax, to a manipulation of matter in order to obtain other benefits, still material ones, perishable, ephemeral.

Why do we need spiritual evolution? What is this spiritual evolution good for? How does it serve us? It is good and needed for the survival of this species and  planet Earth! In Earth’s natural route, this evolution is included anyway and it does happen anyway. We can be aware of it or not. Matter does organize itself under higher and higher principles and frequencies, and this is a natural universal law. It doesn’t depend on us. It depends on the “place” through which we are crossing and on its demands, on its qualities and on the context itself. The Earth’s “compatibility” with various asteroids and meteors, by means of which we are imperceptibly advancing, can be greater and greater. Or, it can be lesser. Through the process of resonance, attracting or keeping away such objects very much depends on the planetary consciousness level. Collective human consciousness has an important role in this planetary consciousness. Maybe the most important role.  Let’s imagine the whole human species as just one body. Its mind and its consciousness create thought-forms spreading into the whole field-body.  This is how we are all able to get the same information. This is why the thought-form of awakening is crossing the Earth now, at fast speed, and more and more people are awakening from the deep slumber. Don’t forget: unless there is love, beauty cannot be awakened!



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