Peace or…

Peace or … war, of course! What else could oppose itself to the peace? But why, in the name of god, do we need to have everything opposing to everything? Why do we still need to identify two sides of a coin, or two poles of a thing? Because we still have coins? Because we define gravitational force as the one that is pulling us down, keeping our feet on the ground? Because we still identify “us”, the “I”, the consciousness that is experiencing all these being just the body-brain-mind? Because we still can’t put together spirit-consciousness and body-mind? Because we can’t have the peace in our own life, in our own body? Because we are still opposing to our self and god?

Maybe. Maybe things have changed so much in the past 20 years (not to mention the huge change of human life compared to 100 years ago) but we didn’t have the chance to learn about all these changes. Maybe we still haven’t grasped the new scientific proofs about how brain frequencies can affect, determine and change not only the thinking, the reasoning processes, but the good functioning of our bodies-machines. The health of the human body is already proven to be a reflection of how fields of energy in our brain interact, combine, resonate, get into harmony. Frequencies that are shot into the body through magnetic resonance machines reflect the “shadows” of cancer’s cells or any other anomaly. We actually can see directly through a satellite system what a housekeeper is doing in her kitchen. There are so many scientific and technological breakthroughs out there in the world, but we are still thinking in terms of matter, medicines, substances, guns, demolition devices. We are still teaching in schools the limited 100 year-old science. We are still living our lives based on the thousands years old belief systems. Living in the past is one key to have no control over the present. This way, there is no present, but a past and a thought towards a future. Give people a goal for a future and they will focus so much on that, that their present moment will have no conscious presence. Their moment it will be only a fast speed passage towards the realization, to the fulfillment of the goal. Or make people be worried about a possible future and you paralyzed their attention on the present. Fill their minds, send waves of information, manipulate frequencies received by their brains and we can direct the perfect play, or movie. Of course, this is available for them too, it is just the fact that they don’t know it.

Maybe it’s our lack of interest, our own convenience, inertia. The taste of laziness is too good to be pushed away.  And it’s always better to carry a soft, light responsibility on your own shoulders.  It’s so much easier and at ease to throw the entire responsibility on God’s shoulders. Or on ideas, principles, philosophies that should be learned, understood, yes, of course. How else could we learn from other people’s mistakes? How else could we learn what is beneficial, good, positive for our present experience? I call this logic, reason. Learning what is behind any thing, any idea, any questionnaire, what is the purpose of it, what could show, reflect, it is a sign of intelligence. Humans are intelligent. Only environment can block this innate feature to develop.

 For how many years still will we live like beggars? We are waiting to be told, we are waiting to be given, we are waiting to be taught and acknowledged. Well, of course, not everyone. It shouldn’t be forgotten that diversity sustains this whole world in its beauty and its dynamic spinning. But while spinning, there should be peace. Making peace with every tiny thought, feeling, sensation, thing, person, is, otherwise said, stopping the process of resistance, or of opposing. Opening our minds exactly like a child that wishes to understand everything, on and on asking the famous question “why”, not always being happy with the answer that it gets, making its parents going mad and yet, offering them the chance to rethink, to think again, deeper, farther, taking their own child example … Learning a new way of thinking in this new millennia is probably the most important thing to be done in order to cope with all the transformation of human life on earth. Yet, it’s not the only element in this game. And actually, there is a much better way than thinking: true Love. The true, sacred Love, unconditional love that we forget about! Love is the only true, authentic power! It can sustain a thought, an intention, it can also melt down all barriers. This love is far more than a feeling in the body. Far more than a sensation. This Love contains the spiritual wisdom, it contains every soul’s purpose: how can I manifest Love in any range, domain of frequencies, everywhere I go!

Little children can’t hold grudges against their playmates. If something happened that they couldn’t accept, maybe they got sad or even angry, they spoke ugly words to each other, words that they learned from the environment around, the information field that contains them, they took their toys and left, but this would last for a day or a few days only. The next time they would see that one kid that had a different idea for their game, their neighbor, or their nursery colleague, they will try to make peace with each other and play again together. They might even simply start playing together, because the conflict had already been forgotten. The natural way is pride-free. The natural way is cooperation, which means understanding, the wish to create a beneficial harmony, in order to create profit, no matter what kind of profit.

Remembering the very early years in our life might bring us closer to that wisdom of the soul, might bring our brains in better relationship with this field of experience, might bring the peace between the soul and the body. “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Said Jesus to the adults around him.



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