Being IN LOVE with LOVE

daniela maria marin

To my dear friends out there in the world!

Once upon a time, eleven years ago, there was a place where thoughts and feelings were gathering around love, true love, unconditional love, the wisdom of love. That place was a forum where people from all over the world, of all religions, beliefs, color or race were trying to find the best ways to improve themselves in order to be better servants of God-Love-Beauty-Joy!

Once upon a time, there was love that kept all beings alive. In the meantime, we have machines that can keep us alive, but still, using such machines might be also a sign of love. Out of love people pay money to hospitals to keep their loved one alive. Yet, love is priceless.

I was writing in that forum of love, wisdom and joy that we should try finding the Free Love, that unattached love and yet…

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